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Daily Archives: October 3, 2012

Anyone can love a rose, b…

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Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a great deal to love a leaf. It’s ordinary to love the beautiful, but it’s beautiful to love the ordinary.


This is true. We should love every single detail of every thing and every one. Learn to appreciate even the little things. 🙂

Walking Down the Past Thought

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I would like to go back to what happened to me this past week. It’s so funny on how God shows His faithfulness and greatness in so many ways. This should have been my post last September, but because of too much delay (due to my busy-ness at school and FOR school) I decided to make it on October (and that is today).
This happened last September 27, 2012. I left the house late, and I waited for an FX to Buendia or Vito Cruz at North Fairview because I thought that I would be waiting at Robinson’s Novaliches longer. But I guess I was wrong that day. I waited for almost more than an hour at North Fairview! I sat on a wooden bench in front of a Sari-Sari Store near the waiting shed to wait for more FXs, almost crying. I was texting my best friend that time, and he told me that he will go there for me to help me. I thought (out of my irritation and anxiety), “Duhh, as if you could help me find an FX. You can’t even control this whole situation.” I texted my block mate, telling her that I will be late in our first class. I was surprised with her reply, “Do not fear, Tricia. Free cut tayo sa WORLITE (World Literature) today! No joke! :)” ( Translation: Do not fear, Tricia. We have a free cut in WORLITE today! No joke! :)) Wow! The moment I read her text message, I thanked God, and laughed silently (people might wonder why I was laughing alone).
Every time I feel afraid and almost giving up, having a feeling of crying already, God suddenly pops out of nowhere. I was saved! I almost got two absences for that subject (I hate committing late(s) nor absences) if it weren’t for God’s faithfulness. I trust God that time (when I was teary-eyed), saying, “GOD, I know that You have a reason why I’ve been waiting for an FX here at North Fairview for almost an hour and a half. I’ll hold on to You.”
God will really test your faith. If you’d tell Him, “LORD, I submit to Your will, and I trust in You.” you are putting your 100% trust in Him, not doubting but believing that God will do what He wants in your life. It’s submitting to His good, pleasing and perfect will (Romans 12:2).
Will you trust Him?