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Caught Between His Arms

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Have you ever felt confused? Feeling like you’re lost, not knowing where to go? Heart throbbing, harder breathing… Is that how it feels? If it’s so, I have felt that, and I’m feeling that now.

But you know what? All of this is a lie. A fantasy. A reality? It could be, because we’re in a real “world where happy-ever-afters don’t exist” (a not-so-exact line from Enchanted). A modern world that was perverted, and still it is being done, maybe more perverted now. Should we conform to this world? To the pattern of this cruel, very cruel world?

Now that He has caught us in His arms “as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings” (Matthew 23:37), should we still hold back from this love that He offers to us? Isn’t His love enough for this crooked heart and mind of ours? This confusion in our head, is mere confusion. It doesn’t make any difference in the world we live in. We may say that justice still isn’t served in this world. We may say that acceptance isn’t found in anyone’s hearts in this present day. It’s our own mind that says all of these things. But what about God? What can He say about this cruel world where we live?

Isn’t it so beautiful to think that despite of this cruel world, God has “set eternity in the human heart” (Ecc. 3:11). There’s this piece of peace in us, piece of joy, a piece of beauty found in us. Search from within. “Your heart will always be where your treasure is.” (Matt. 6:21). Find time. Take time. God has given us 24 hours a day, and isn’t it enough to search from within?



When you feel lost and confused, remember : “Stay put. He’s holding you in His arms. Feel Him. Be silent.”

A Christmas Blog Entry : YOU MATTER

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Not because it’s Christmas, I’ll post something about Christmas (though it’s not Christmas day anymore). I greeted Merry Christmas once only out of my will, not because I was pushed to do so because someone greeted me. Anyway,  I badly wanted to make a blog entry again because it’s been weeks since I last made a blog entry here.

I’ve been reading this book by Philip Yancey entitled “The Bible Jesus Read” and I’m so glad that God led me to read that book again. I attempted to read it, but I stopped because I haven’t read the book of Job (which is not an excuse, but I wanted to understand what I was reading anyway). Why did I open up this topic about the book? Because I learned a lot from it! God has so many revelations about Him, and I’m so glad.

God loves us so much. Don’t take His love for granted. He has emotions. God is also a Person. He created us so it’s possible that He understands us fully. And He’s the BEST One Who can understand us. While reading the second to the last chapter of the book, I cried because of too much joy and love that I felt about Him. The second to the last chapter talks about the books of the Prophets in the Old Testament of the Bible. I got the idea of the author that God speaks through the prophets. But I don’t have to give you the idea about the prophets that look and sound weird for most people. I wrote this blog entry to let you know that YOU MATTER to God.

Christmas talks about Jesus’ birth. It’s not that I’m saying I don’t believe in Christmas or what, but I believe in the birth of a Savior. Why did God sent His one and only Son for us? He knew that we needed acceptance and forgiveness from the sins we did from the beginning. “Jesus” or Yeshua (His Hebrew Name) humbled Himself and became human like us, not a God like Father. He would’ve chosen to kill the soldiers all at once, but He chose to be killed, to be tortured. The line by the deceiver in the movie (though it may not be the exact words), “Passion of the Christ” struck me, “No man has ever endured the burden of sin.” He (Yeshua) chose to “let His Father’s will be done” unto Him. Instead of us enduring the burden of sin (which leads to DEATH), He did it for us. He came for that.

I remembered what our Senior Pastor said during a service, “When Jesus was 2 years old, I wonder if He already knows what will happen to Him in the end.”. I pondered on that thought. I think He knows it already. It’s hard to know that your future leads to such a cruel death, but He chose to do it for us. It’s not really ABOUT US, but it’s always ABOUT GOD. He may have did it for us, but He did it really for God. A Father sacrificed His own Son to die for sinners : killers, rapists, cheaters, liars, wicked people, proud, every dirty kind of thought you could think of a human being.

When you court someone you like (for girls, please bear with me), you don’t want to be rejected. Who wants to be rejected, right? But God accepts every hurt and pain He receives from us. HE HAS NEVER GIVEN UP ON US. He has made every impossible way to bring us back to Him, even giving His Son for us. Who would even sacrifice his son for a group of people who would soon persecute him (the son)? He’s none other than God.

His grace abounds in our lives, in the whole universe. Are you ready to be soaked in His presence and in His grace forever?

As he explains through Isaiah, he has no choice: if a world refuses to learn righteousness through grace, he must resort to punishment.

-Philip Yancey