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Daily Archives: October 14, 2013

It’s October Now

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credits to the photo booth at Sheela's debut celebration

(credits to the photo booth at Sheela’s debut celebration) HERE’S THE PICTURE OF MY HIGH SCHOOL BFFs! 😀

It’s not that I can’t think of a title for this blog post, but I kept thinking when should I post something in my blog again. It’s been VERY long since I posted here. It’s because of some personal reasons and issues. I was really looking forward to this day that I’d be posting something in my blog again! Hooray~

For the past month(s) and weeks that I wasn’t updating my blog, I had difficulties going back to sharing my insights about God and my experiences in life. I can say I experienced backsliding  though I attended services. My heart for Him went away, along with my passion for Him. I became drained spiritually, followed by my emotional, physical, and mental aspects. I was used to living in Him that’s why I felt so burned out when I left Him. That’s a brief summary of what really happened to me.

This post will be about how I feel these past few days, and what’s been happening in my life. You may not care about this, but I still thank you for reading my post up to this point.

I continued to read Erwin Lutzer’s “Matters of Life and Death”. I’m still at Chapter 3, and I know I really am a slow reader because I sink in my thoughts about what I read for long… Of course I’m kidding. I also continued to pray and talk to God wherever I was (just like the old times). But what I really stopped doing was to read His Word. I’m still praying that I may go back to reading His Word (of course, I’m doing something about it also.. because faith without deeds is dead).

I also wanted to share how I felt last Saturday night. It was my HS best friend’s debut celebrated at a Japanese buffet restaurant, Sambo Kojin. It’s one of the best debut celebration of my HS barkada because for the first time, we were all complete. Our other HS batch mates were also present in the said celebration. It was so fun, and I honestly enjoyed it. I was able to talk to a close friend of mine during 4th year High School, and I was able to enjoy the moments that I had with my group of HS best friends. The food was nice, though I wasn’t really satisfied because I wasn’t able to eat all I could. Our barkada performed for the birthday celebrant, so we sang the first line of the song, “Say Hey!” by HSJ (?) and “Thousand Years” by Christina Perri for her, then danced One Direction’s “Best Song Ever”. Yes, we enjoyed and had fun together.

The next morning, my Mom and Dad decided to have a family devotion every Sunday again. I felt refreshed because each of us shared what we went through, and we also shared insights from God’s Words. God really moved within our hearts and in our lives personally. I CAN REALLY FEEL THAT THE BREAKTHROUGH IN OUR FAMILY IS COMING REALLY SOON.  I’ll hold on to that.

If you read this until the end, thank you! Please do pray for me that I may continue to seek Him with all my heart, and to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. I really am in dire need of God for now because I know that going back to Him again is hard on my own. 🙂 You matter. Thank you so much!

Hooray, October is a new start.