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Short Blog Post for Everyone! (especially for my readers/followers)

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Hello! It’s nearly the end of October, and I haven’t updated my blog yet. I apologize because we are not connected to the internet these past few weeks at home. I really missed posting in this blog of mine. I want to update you about what’s happening to me recently.

OUR FAMILY DEVOTION IS BACK! I’m so happy about it. Yup, SO SO HAPPY. Though my brother can’t join us because he’s at work that time, I’m still praying that he may be able to join us with our “family” devotion. Haha.

I’m continuously acknowledging my relationship with God again! Well, I acknowledge God Himself. 🙂 I’m happy about it.. and I love it. I’m praying as if I’m not obligated to do anymore. I pray because of my relationship with Him. ❤

Lastly, I’m glad that I’m writing poems and thinking about short stories again! I missed writing. 🙂 Check out my another blog, where I post my poems. 😀 I’m not yet sure if I have to create another blog wherein I’d be posting my short stories. It takes time to create stories.

That’s all! Thank you for reading this short blog post of mine. Thank you for supporting my blog! Keep yourself updated and posted! 😀 I love you, guys and gals. ❤


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