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Hills of Nikko

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Hills of Nikko

The “Hills of Nikko” that was painted by Jose Joya, who is a known Filipino abstract expressionist painter (particularly in “gestural painting”), was made in 1964. It shows no form, as how an abstract expressionist painting really looks. Compared to the reality of the hills in Nikko, Japan, the hills where this painting was depicted, the Hills of Nikko are tranquil and calm. They show no complexity of emotions; they purely show peace. But in Jose Joya’s painting and interpretation of the Hills of Nikko, it shows too much confusion yet joy with its vibrant colors. It’s as if the hills were come to life through the strokes and colors that the artist used for this work of art. The thin and thicker lines combined along with earthly colors such as orange, blue, green, red, and yellow. Joya depicted nature in a very different and playful way through his painting. Abstract expressionism paintings may seem to be very difficult to understand, especially if one is to talk about what the artist thinks about as he does such art work. But one thing is for sure: they are a part of the painting that they do, and they work as if they are in the painting (quoted by Pollock).

Jose Joya was fond of creating new ways in visual arts. His forte is within painting and multimedia arts. He was one of the modern artists that incited younger Filipino artists to go beyond the norms of painting through this style, abstract expressionism or best known as gestural painting.



“Hills of Nikko”

Jose Joya

Oil on canvas



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