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Daily Archives: July 26, 2014

Press Releases

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For the past couple of weeks, I interviewed two editors with regards to press releases. I was only able to interview them through e-mail and another through personal messages via Facebook. I figured it would be more practical because they only have to answer basic questions about press releases. I didn’t expect the interviewing to be a bit hard because of communication; our country experienced a strong typhoon (Glenda) during the past couple of weeks that’s why.

For my readers to be guided, I gave three questions for them to answer, and these are:

  • What do you look for in a press release?
  • Is receiving a press release important? Why or why not?
  • What catches your attention most in a press release?

The first editor I interviewed was a schoolmate of mine, and she’s the editor-in-chief of a school organization. Press releases, according to her, should contain all the important information needed to inform an audience about a certain event. As a school organization editor-in-chief, she found press releases as something that provides information about an upcoming event. It helps editors/writers to write their articles “accurately”. She also thought that the people involved in the event were important for her in a press release. Details regarding the event that was introduced are essential in a press release.

As for the second editor I interviewed through e-mail, she is the managing editor for a Philippine food blog. As a managing editor, she personally doesn’t like press releases because what she values most is the experience that she will be getting from the product endorsed to her or to the company. She also pointed out that press releases are there to help writers/editors to have a knowledge about the product introduced to them. Press releases for her are better if they will have samples of the product.

From those two interviews, I gained a lot of ideas about press releases. The first interviewee focused on events, while the second focused on products. Press releases vary – they depend upon the company you will be giving those to. A press release also must give enough knowledge to editors/writers/publishers about what it wants to endorse. It must be appealing to the media first before going to the public. Personally speaking, press releases really are still important in today’s time.