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Monthly Archives: December 2014

I Salute You

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I made the meme, but the picture is not mine.

This should have been posted months ago when I was caught in a heavy vehicle traffic at Commonwealth Avenue because of the SONA (State of the Nation Address). It happens all the time. I waited almost an hour and a half for an URVAN, and was stuck in the heavy traffic for two hours. A thought passed through my mind during that long journey to school, “It’s awesome how these drivers still continue to serve the commuters despite of this traffic!” It’s really hard to earn money nowadays, but if you really need to do it for your family, you will do it no matter how hard it could be. Whenever I see these drivers (may it be in the jeepney, tricycle, pedicabs, fx or vans), community workers, garbage collectors, janitors, security guards and the other people who do such hard work, I am really amazed. Without them, the surroundings won’t be clean, the grass won’t be trimmed, there would be no order, and the commuters won’t be able to go to their chosen itineraries. I’m very thankful to have these people.

And to this thought, I remembered my classmates when I was in 4th Grade who were talking about the salaries of teachers and janitors. I only realized the logic of their conversation when I was in College. They were thinking why janitors get lower salaries than teachers when the janitors actually do a harder job. I think like this towards the construction workers. The owners of the soon-to-be establishments are richer than those who do a harder work. But going back to my grateful heart to those awesome people who work so hard for their families, I really salute you. I guess I should also commend our soldiers here.