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(Almost) Three Months

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via 1000 Things to be Grateful for in Life (

via 1000 Things to be Grateful for In Life (

I just want to start this post with a greeting: Happy Thanksgiving Day! I didn’t realize it until I checked my phone calendar because it has US holidays saved. And the feature image is a coincidence as I only chanced to save it from Google images via 1000 Things to be Grateful for in Life, a blog, too. 😀 Now back to my original post…

The thought may be cliché but I really do not know how to start this blog post. After two years, I decided to post here again. I have been thinking what to post, but because I haven’t been online in my Facebook account for almost 3 months, I thought it would be good to post my thoughts here again. Being away for three months on Facebook is not a long time but when you get used to being online every day for hours, you know how long it feels.

Let me start with my apologies. I am sorry. If you are one of my friends reading this, and you felt I’ve abandoned you because I haven’t replied to you through Facebook as that is the only way to reach out to me, I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I also felt selfish for being away from Facebook, not even posting something at my wall, telling you that I will be away I do not know for how long. But know this: I have been itching to ask how you’re doing—if you’re well, if you’re having problems, if you’re having a good time with your life now. I couldn’t stand not asking my friends how they’re doing because I’m afraid to be forgotten. I’m afraid that they might think I do not care. I’m afraid that they might think I am such a bad friend. I am not even a good friend, I think. I have my own flaws, anyway. But thank you if you think otherwise.

I am sorry for feeling so afraid if I cannot reply to group chats right away. I sometimes feel unwanted in a group; as if my opinions won’t matter so I’d choose to keep myself away. And I am sorry for not responding quickly. Sometimes I’d get too anxious seeing who sent me a message, especially if it’s someone I haven’t talked to for a long time.

Being away from Facebook, I felt like I did not exist within those span of months. I felt like I did not exist in the “digital world” where everybody goes day in and day out. It felt like I have been left out of some people’s lives just being offline because Facebook equates their lives.

It’s also somehow sad to see how people depend on Facebook nowadays. It’s hard saying this as I am thinking on how to actually communicate to my relatives and friends abroad without Facebook (WE HAVE E-MAILS! But Facebook, of course, is easier and more accessible…?). I am also thinking on how to promote your businesses/projects without Facebook. So, really, being dependent on Facebook is not an issue, I guess. But what’s bad is that when it comes to social gatherings, when you are finally face to face with the people you’re socializing with online, it gets a bit awkward already. Maybe that’s the bad thing about being online all the time: you tend to lose the art of listening and/or oral communication because now, you’re the best in communicating through typewritten words, not to mention through emojis, too.

I know I still have tons of reasons to apologize for, but they seem to get lost somewhere in my brain when I start typing my thoughts for this post. So let me now start with my gratitude! For those who still send me texts messages and really make the effort to know my number, thank you. For those who send me messages on Twitter (because it’s my go-to social media account aside from Facebook wehehehe), thank you very much! Whenever a friend sends me a text message or a direct message in this time of being offline on Facebook, you don’t know how much it touches my heart that somebody is thoughtful enough to ask how I’m doing. I also feel so happy when you just simply tell me stories about your day! I’d sometimes cry (yep, I’m that sensitive) and say, “Hey! I’m okay!” because I’d realize that somebody cares. I’d feel okay just having someone to talk to.

Being offline on Facebook also made me focus to my family—nobody beats their love, care and understanding, really. Even if you’re the worst, you are loved. Being with them while I was offline made me feel so loved and complete. It made me realize that when you’re offline, cherish the people who are physically there for you, too.

Thank you also for those who strived to send me messages on Facebook even though I haven’t opened it yet (even now!). It makes me feel like you’re not giving up on me; you want me to stay in your life. It feels a bit lonely if someone wants you out of their life. It hurts, really, but moving on and letting go is part of life so you got to keep a hold of yourself! Though for me, letting go of someone is a hard part for me. I’d rather fight for the person to stay in my life than to let him/her go. Fight for your friendship if you still have the chance!!

And one thing that really made my life during my three months of being offline was this: God made me realize how important it is to need someone. This culture/society is always talking about independence, that we can do this alone, and that you have to be strong because in the end, the only one who can help you is yourself. It’s true; you should really be strong inside. You must take heart. But also, I think it’s grace when somebody needs you. The feeling of being needed is very important. “I need you in my life.” “I need you to do this.” “I need you to go here.” “I need you.” It suddenly struck me that being needed by/needing someone is important because it makes you feel that you exist in their world, or even in this world.

That’s why it made me feel so selfish being offline. What if there are people out there who need me? I’m no superhero, but being there for a person is really something. What if my friends whom I haven’t communicated with a long time need me at those moments when I was offline? I cried upon realizing this (this realization was back in September). But I still didn’t go online because I was scared at what I will see in my inbox and in my timeline. But what is there to be scared of when the fears inside me are only my thoughts and myself and not the people around me?

Okay, I think I’ll go online very soon.

After all, I am not forgotten.


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Mistaken Identity by Ken Wong

Mistaken Identity by Ken Wong

As a person, I have a lot of insecurities… Maybe as a lady, too.

Maybe a lot of my friends think that I don’t have any insecurity issues in life, but the truth is it was natural for me to be insecure in a lot of things ever since I was a child. Yes, since I was a child.

I used to be insecure towards someone else’s hair, eyes, lips, figure, and everything. I tend to be insecure towards the friends of my closest friends. I used to be very insecure towards those who can draw really well (that’s why I gave up my dream of becoming a manga-ka). I also tend to be insecure towards those who seem to be very cool in terms with how they express their thoughts and emotions.

But despite of all these insecurities I have in my life, I always think about this:
What if the people I’m insecure with are also insecure with me?

I’m not being vain. I just thought about it. If we stopped comparing ourselves with other people, how beautiful will we treat one another? If we celebrate others’ successes in life and stop the secret competition happening maybe in our hearts or minds, how many true friends can we gain out of it?

Personally, it is very hard to be not insecure even for a bit. But my life would be better if I stopped comparing myself with others and appreciate my own uniqueness. But lastly, who am I?

His 46th Birthday

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Disclaimer: Picture not mine!

I feel sad because I do not have any more words to say for his birthday this time, so I guess this post will be short. Once again, it’s Hyde’s birthday last January 29, and it was neither a good nor bad day for me. I was trying to be happy, but I didn’t know why I couldn’t.

I have been a fan of Hyde and his band for almost eight years now… I don’t know why I posted in my Facebook that I have been a fan for only six years! Haha. I like Hyde for being an inspiring songwriter. His voice is also dreamy. Whenever I hear him sing, especially in their live concerts, I say to myself, “His voice is very wonderful. He smokes yet he is still gifted with such a voice.” I still really like him, and I hope that he’s doing well with his family – that’d be my birthday wish for him. Being a musician is very hard, especially if you have world tours and you’re busy with your band. You might not have time for your family. I also thought about that when I watched a live concert through YouTube, when they played “Sweet Dreams”. In the end of the song, he sang, “I’m sorry” with tears from his eyes (?). Those words were not found in the song, so it really made me thing about how he really was backstage because I believe that he is not the same onstage and backstage.

It seems that this post has a lot of sadness in it. It just made me think about him, and such things make me don’t want to be busy in the future when I’ll have my own family because I want to be with them all the time. But I don’t know his life story, so I hope he’s really doing well now: being happy with his family AND band mates.

I Salute You

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I made the meme, but the picture is not mine.

This should have been posted months ago when I was caught in a heavy vehicle traffic at Commonwealth Avenue because of the SONA (State of the Nation Address). It happens all the time. I waited almost an hour and a half for an URVAN, and was stuck in the heavy traffic for two hours. A thought passed through my mind during that long journey to school, “It’s awesome how these drivers still continue to serve the commuters despite of this traffic!” It’s really hard to earn money nowadays, but if you really need to do it for your family, you will do it no matter how hard it could be. Whenever I see these drivers (may it be in the jeepney, tricycle, pedicabs, fx or vans), community workers, garbage collectors, janitors, security guards and the other people who do such hard work, I am really amazed. Without them, the surroundings won’t be clean, the grass won’t be trimmed, there would be no order, and the commuters won’t be able to go to their chosen itineraries. I’m very thankful to have these people.

And to this thought, I remembered my classmates when I was in 4th Grade who were talking about the salaries of teachers and janitors. I only realized the logic of their conversation when I was in College. They were thinking why janitors get lower salaries than teachers when the janitors actually do a harder job. I think like this towards the construction workers. The owners of the soon-to-be establishments are richer than those who do a harder work. But going back to my grateful heart to those awesome people who work so hard for their families, I really salute you. I guess I should also commend our soldiers here.


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Picture not mine! :)

Picture not mine! 🙂

As how I start a blog post that doesn’t have any topic, I shall share my thoughts recently or maybe share something about myself: what has happened to me lately, etc.

Since December 2013, I started to read the books I needed to finish (I guess we all have those kinds of books in our shelves… better finish them first before buying new books!), and gladly I was able to finish them one by one until the month of February. Allow me to share with you the titles and authors of the books* I have read (again) during the past few months:
*most of them are Christian and Christian Living books

1. Susanna Foth Aughtmon’s All I Need Is Jesus and a Good Pair of Jeans: The Tired Supergirl’s Search for Grace

2. Kelly Carr’s (she’s compiled the short stories/testimonies found in the book) Xtreme Calling

3. Mitch Albom’s The First Phone Call From Heaven

4. Joshua Harris’s Dug Down Deep: Unearthing What I Believe and Why It Matters

5. C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia (Books 1-2) — don’t worry, I’ll soon read the rest of the books 😀

6. Ransom Riggs’s Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

7. Ayala Museum’s (there were certain writers and this is actually an exhibition in the Museum, but it’s mainly Ayala Museum, haha) Manga Realities: Exploring The Art of Japanese Comics Today

8. Dennis Edward Flake’s Loyal Macabebes: How The Americans Used the Macabebe Scouts in the Annexation of the Philippines (Well, this one is for a book review… school work LOL)

I’m not sure if I missed other books that I read (again). Now, I am currently reading D. Thomas Lancaster’s The Holy Epistle to the Galatians: Sermons on a Messianic Jewish Approach. It is very rich in deep information about the Galatians, and I really tried digging deeper into the book of Galatians because I found its words very crucial. It contains contradicting ideas about my beliefs, and this book helps a lot.

Without this post, I wouldn’t have noticed how slow I became in reading. Before, I can finish 2 books a month, but recently, because of semi-personal problems and issues, I slowed down in reading. I can only finish one book per month. But sometimes, it really depends upon the book. For example, one can finish a novel like that of Ransom Riggs in only two days. Haha. My first time, actually.

A couple of days ago, I started to read regularly again, and I am hoping to share more books that are worth the read soon in my future blog posts. 🙂

Press Releases

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For the past couple of weeks, I interviewed two editors with regards to press releases. I was only able to interview them through e-mail and another through personal messages via Facebook. I figured it would be more practical because they only have to answer basic questions about press releases. I didn’t expect the interviewing to be a bit hard because of communication; our country experienced a strong typhoon (Glenda) during the past couple of weeks that’s why.

For my readers to be guided, I gave three questions for them to answer, and these are:

  • What do you look for in a press release?
  • Is receiving a press release important? Why or why not?
  • What catches your attention most in a press release?

The first editor I interviewed was a schoolmate of mine, and she’s the editor-in-chief of a school organization. Press releases, according to her, should contain all the important information needed to inform an audience about a certain event. As a school organization editor-in-chief, she found press releases as something that provides information about an upcoming event. It helps editors/writers to write their articles “accurately”. She also thought that the people involved in the event were important for her in a press release. Details regarding the event that was introduced are essential in a press release.

As for the second editor I interviewed through e-mail, she is the managing editor for a Philippine food blog. As a managing editor, she personally doesn’t like press releases because what she values most is the experience that she will be getting from the product endorsed to her or to the company. She also pointed out that press releases are there to help writers/editors to have a knowledge about the product introduced to them. Press releases for her are better if they will have samples of the product.

From those two interviews, I gained a lot of ideas about press releases. The first interviewee focused on events, while the second focused on products. Press releases vary – they depend upon the company you will be giving those to. A press release also must give enough knowledge to editors/writers/publishers about what it wants to endorse. It must be appealing to the media first before going to the public. Personally speaking, press releases really are still important in today’s time.

International Museum Day 2014

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International Museum Day 2014

De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde’s Hotel Benilde opened their doors for the International Museum Day 2014 Forum, which happened last June 27, 2014 and was co-sponsored by ICOM (International Council of Museums), International Federation of Social Sciences Organization (IFSSO), and De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde. The theme of the forum was “Museum Collections make Connections”.

Museum owners and artists gathered for the said forum, and it was truly a great experience to be there as an Arts Management student because I was able to share ideas with those kinds of people who are into the creative industry. Contributing my own concepts and ideas to those people who already gained a lot of experience in the creative industry was really humbling and fascinating. I enjoyed the activity that we did: brainstorming towards the questions with regards to preserving museum collections and their value. It was there that I was able to meet people who were practicing professionals in their own field, particularly in the arts. One was working in the Bantayog Memorial Center (Quezon City), and one is working in a handicrafts store that preserves the Philippine culture. I was able to learn certain terms like ancestral domain and museum collection, terms that I wasn’t familiar of before.

Being in the forum during the afternoon session did not make me feel left out at all because of the construction and unification of the ideas all throughout the forum. True to the International Museum Day’s goal which is “to increase public awareness about the role of museums in the development of society”, I became mindful about museums’ role in the society as an Arts Management student. Museums exist in the country to fulfill their missions and vision. But in fulfilling their missions and vision, they must also reassess their performance and know their standards of success to keep themselves soaring and to accomplish their dreams for the good of the society.


For further details, you may refer to this link:

Click to access IMD_2014_Press_kit_ENG_01.pdf