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Quote: Prayers

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Quote: To The Soul

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I Finally Signed In Again

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Back to my blog again. It’s December now. It’s weird. I’m not feeling Christmas-y. I even don’t want to celebrate my birthday for the first time when it will be my 18th. I wanted to celebrate mine months ago, but it sounded wrong. So I thought I wouldn’t celebrate it. It’s fine to celebrate it with my friends and family, but… I just don’t want it. I’m not sad about it. I’m not forcing my family to celebrate my 18th birthday. I simply don’t know the reason why I don’t want to celebrate it the way birthdays are celebrated by people.

I don’t know what to post. Take note, I post randomly. Sorry for not posting in my blog for long now. I’ll update this soon again before December ends.

Short Blog Post for Everyone! (especially for my readers/followers)

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Hello! It’s nearly the end of October, and I haven’t updated my blog yet. I apologize because we are not connected to the internet these past few weeks at home. I really missed posting in this blog of mine. I want to update you about what’s happening to me recently.

OUR FAMILY DEVOTION IS BACK! I’m so happy about it. Yup, SO SO HAPPY. Though my brother can’t join us because he’s at work that time, I’m still praying that he may be able to join us with our “family” devotion. Haha.

I’m continuously acknowledging my relationship with God again! Well, I acknowledge God Himself. 🙂 I’m happy about it.. and I love it. I’m praying as if I’m not obligated to do anymore. I pray because of my relationship with Him. ❤

Lastly, I’m glad that I’m writing poems and thinking about short stories again! I missed writing. 🙂 Check out my another blog, where I post my poems. 😀 I’m not yet sure if I have to create another blog wherein I’d be posting my short stories. It takes time to create stories.

That’s all! Thank you for reading this short blog post of mine. Thank you for supporting my blog! Keep yourself updated and posted! 😀 I love you, guys and gals. ❤


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This is my first and last post for the month of June (duhh, it’s June 30). I wasn’t around here for a long time (for me) already, and I will not surf the internet out of boredom on the month of July. I will not be open for chats or text messages on July, but be focusing a lot on Him. I need time. I need the whole month of July to seek Him because I’m in the brink of unbelief (?) in a lot of things. This is no drama or what, but for me, this is something serious. It’s like a matter of life and death (okay, I’m somehow exaggerating on that one).

Thank you for my new and old followers (pertaining not to the age… okay) in this blog of mine. I really appreciate you, and you make me feel like I should post more about God. But because of personal matters, I wasn’t able to post and post and post lots of blog posts here. Sorry for being too busy at school, and being too busy over thinking about lots of things.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. By the way, I’m currently enjoying (a food blog) nowadays. I want to share it to you (especially if you are a Filipino). That’s something new about me.

I still believe in Him, don’t worry folks. :)) I only want to spend my time for Him. And the reason behind this post is to inform you that I won’t be around surfing the internet (a picture of a beach suddenly popped out of my mind) for the whole month of July, so please don’t expect me to be active starting tomorrow (July 01, 2013). Thank you so much. 🙂

I’m also suggesting for you to read my friend’s blog: (Soli Deo Gloria), since I won’t be around here for so long. I’d also encourage him to continue posting in his blog, because as young as he is, his words and thoughts about Him are so deep, and I found it cool.



Manipulation Vs. Maturity — 5 Tactics To Avoid (And 3 To Consider)

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Let GOD be acknowledged as the center of everything.

Quote: Free Fall

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