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Insights (Part 2)

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This picture is not mine!

This picture is not mine!

Thank you for following my blog post about Frozen! Well, this is only the SECOND so maybe I must type “blog post” instead.  Again, be warned that this post contains SPOILERS. In this post, I’ll focus on Anna! If you weren’t able to read my blog post about Elsa, here is the link:

About Anna… Princess Anna of Arandelle. She was the one who lost her bad memory with Elsa. She’s such a happy person. When their parents died, she was the one who supported her sister. I’ll focus on her heroic feats in the movie including her defeat in her love life.

When Anna said “Yes” to the Prince, I was also surprised that she said it right away when he proposed to her. She insisted on her want to marry him so Elsa and she had an argument. She was too excited for the gates to be opened. She was too excited to meet new people and to find true love (ughh… Disney Movies with princesses in it). Oh, well. At times, I’m like her too. I can’t wait. I’m too excited, forgetting that patience is really a virtue not only in love, but also in so many things. I tend to forget that the best things in life are worth waiting for. Look, God waited for us. He’s so patient with us. He doesn’t force us to come back to Him, but instead, He waited. Anna’s attitude also made Kristoff question her sudden feeling of love towards the Prince. It’s funny, but it’s true most especially for us, girls. Such sweet words from a guy can make our heart fall for him right away. It can be true for most of the girls, but of course, I’m not stereotyping my kind. Finding a guy who thinks like you think, who seems to understand you right away, who acts like you do can be easy but love isn’t all about it. Love is unfair in our eyes but not in the Author of Love’s eyes. Okay, I’m sounding like a love guru, and I hate it.

What I loved about the movie is also Anna’s relationship with her sister, Elsa. True love doesn’t always mean a guy and girl relationship. It’s also about your relationship with your family. Love is found in every relationship we have in our life: with our friends, family, relatives, colleague, schoolmates, and even strangers. Anna fought her way through the cold mountain where they found Olaf, the snowman Elsa built when they were still kids that came to life when they’re older. She endured the cold snow to reach her sister’s own-made palace to talk to her. Isn’t that sweet? It’s not your ordinary movie where a princess needs a prince charming to save her. Instead, it was her sister who endured all those hardships.

At the end of the movie, Anna didn’t choose her “true love” over her sister’s life. She chose to save her sister’s life. And when she melted in her sister’s embrace, Olaf said that it’s an act of true love. It made me realize that true love isn’t only about couples. It’s also about your family and friends. After that, Elsa learned to control her “curse”, making it as a “gift” for her and for the people around her. She learned that love is the answer to control it and to be really free: free from the guilt of the past, free from her fear of not being able to control her power, and free from the storm raging in her heart. Love frees us. It warms a cold heart. It saves the day. Love understands. In the end, it is all about love.