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When I’m Feeling Down

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Picture not mine

Picture not mine

Yes, I also wondered why I posted this picture as a “cover picture” for this blog post of mine. I was really searching for quotes or photos of people that represent sadness or depression, but when I typed the word “down” with Google’s suggestion “feeling down”, this showed up and it made both me and my brother laugh. I love it when it happens.

Anyway, enough of Chewbacca. Time for another blooper moment. I typed “down” in Google Images search, and these were the images that appeared:


Indeed, they’re down

I respect people who have down syndrome. They’re absolutely awesome. But when I’m so sad, and I was expecting for different results in Google Images, darn. I laughed a bit.

SERIOUSLY, enough of all these. I am so down, really. A lot of people who could see me personally can’t believe that I get down, that I get problems, that I have problems in managing time and that I have a hard time balancing my priorities. Why was I sad? Again, it’s because of my attitude. It feels as if I’m becoming too disrespectful to my parents. I have the guts to tell these things to you not because I’m proud of it, but because I believe that when the darkness is exposed to the light, it will vanish (Eph. 5:13). I learned it from my former leader in church.

When my parents touch me or talk to me, I become so irritated without knowing why. When they scold me when I do wrong, I complain, thinking, “That’s not even wrong! I am old enough to know what’s right and wrong.” My heart is becoming stubborn.

Have you ever felt this before? This feeling of thinking about a problem in your life; just a single problem in your life, then you’ll start over-thinking. When you started over-thinking, that problem becomes so big that you think the whole world is upon your shoulders. That’s a big problem now, and has become a burden in your heart too. That’s how I feel about myself now. But when I think about it, I battle it with a positive thought, “I’m fighting with it. I don’t have to stay down.” But you know what? I’m still down.

What I forgot was GOD. I put God out of my life. I put God out of the context. I put Him out of my mind and heart, in my soul and strength. I am not fighting WITH Him. I choose to forget about Him, and do it all on my own believing that I can. Yes, it’s said in Phil. 4:13 that “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.” but am I really putting Christ as I apply it in my life? I try to change my attitude. I try to change my thinking. I try to change every negative thing in me without God’s help. I hope to practice and apply it in my life from now on. Putting God in every situation I’m in since I can’t really do this alone.

Let’s FIGHT on!