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Real Junior Now

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Real Junior Now

Yesterday, I went to a meeting with a curator, Miss Dayang Yraola along with some friends-slash-blockmates for an arts project as our internship. INTERNSHIP. I will be having an internship already! I can’t “somehow” believe that I’m an intern now because I am only an eighteen-year old yet I’ll be working with art projects, international artists, and curators. It’s exciting because it makes me feel like I will be a legit arts manager soon.The meeting was held in the organization’s office at Escolta, so going there from our house through commuting was a bit hassle for me because I have to choose between two options: ride the FX to Quiapo then walk to Escolta, or ride the FX to SM North EDSA, ride a jeep to LRT, then simply ride the LRT to Carriedo. I chose Option A. I love adventures, and the first option saves more money than the second one.

I wasn’t lost. I was able to go to Escolta safely without a friend, and I walked towards the location with the (guessing) knowledge of how to go there from Quiapo church. Plus, I wasn’t late for the meeting-slash-lecture! Throughout the meeting, I learned more about the art project where I will be be a part of, the tasks that I will be soon accomplishing and crowd funding. I realized that I need to know what I really can do and what I want in life because my learning ground won’t be the school anymore sooner. I lived long enough in my fantasy, not in the reality where I must be living. But I guess I need to live in my fantasy now and then to keep myself inspired.

Going to school with my friends-slash-blockmates, we rode the LRT altogether. Aren’t we sweet? Anyway, we met our (kind and probably an awesome) professor from our TECWRI (Technical Writing for Arts Management) class. We were late for almost an hour, and she dismissed the class earlier than the usual time (it should’ve been 17:40, but we were dismissed at almost 16:10).

I’ll have another blog post for personal reflections during that particular day. Please do get ready for a semi-artsy blog post every week. I’ve been gone for a long time now. I apologize. I was too lazy to open my blog and post random stuff again. Someday soon, I’ll post about my personal life, like how I’ve been doing these days. Thank you for continuously reading my blog posts! If you are fond of poems and personal sentiments, feel free to follow or read my posts in my other blog, God bless!

How’s College?

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ImageOkay, so here’s a picture of my block mates. Sadly, now that Second Semester started in school, some of them were separated from the block. If you could find me in the picture, then that’s great. (credits to my block mate for the picture; I’m not sure whose camera was used for this picture)

Now that I am in College, many people has been asking me the same questions all over again, “Where are you studying?”, “What is your course?”, “How’s College?” and for those who want to stalk me (including my lovely dear friends), “What is your schedule?”. In this entry, all your questions will be answered – except for my schedule.

In De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde, College life for a frosh (this is how some College people refer to the freshman) like me is really stressful. Our school is trimester. Midterm exams are held after 4-5 weeks of lectures and projects, while our Final exams would be weeks after our Midterms (as how it usually goes). I wasn’t really used to it because in High School, we had only two semesters. Each lessons were finished in one day in College. At first, I really found it too pressuring and stressful. I found every professors as a revolver whenever they discuss a particular lesson because we follow a syllabus. Maybe that’s the reason why we really had a hard time understanding our lessons in Algebra during our First Term. As a result, I got a final grade of 2.5 in Algebra (an equivalent of 85-88 in our grading system). I thank God for that grade. Truly, His grace is enough for me.

Second Term has come in our school. I’m proud to say I survived the First Term as a frosh! *cheers* I’m even aiming to be a Dean’s Lister from the previous term until the last term for this year. So far, I was able to adjust to the way I should study my lessons now (I have to change my study habits now that I’m in College because my High School study habits won’t be too effective as it was before), and I learned that I should really recite during classes. Some professors would highly encourage us to participate in class because it has a big percentage for our grade. I suddenly remembered a quote I found in FB, “My shyness has ruined so many opportunities.”. That is true for me.

I’m a Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management student. My course isn’t really common around here. I’m “not the artist” here. Instead, I am the “promoter of arts”, as said by our orienter during our Frosh Orientation Program. It’s almost the same with Business Management and Finance Management, but the only difference is that our field is in Arts. As what I heard from my friend-block-mate, she said that someone graduated from ABAM (shortcut of my course) and became the Arts Director for Toyota. That’s cool. But I’m still thinking about shifting from my course to Multimedia Arts because I absolutely love drawing.

Now that this entry’s becoming long and too much words surely is boring at times, I’ll stop here. COLLEGE LIFE IS SIMPLY AWESOME, BUT NOT AS AWESOME AS GOD. I believe that He’ll continue molding me here. He placed me in this school for a reason – to make a change not only in me, but also around me. I’ll continue to be a living testimony for God.

As how my another friend-block-mate ends her essays or introductions, “To God be the GLORY!“.