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Ignite 2013 Day 2 (Part 1)

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My blog posts about Ignite are in accordance with the blogs. The blogs from the said website serve as my guide in making my posts.

I was not late at the second day of the conference! Hahaha (proud laugh)! I was with my church buddies, gladly, and got an unpleasant view from where we were seated because we couldn’t see the screen so we couldn’t sing with the lyrics shown. But when a video was shown on the screen, the four of us would go near the exit since the screen could be seen on that spot.

Ignite 2013 Day 2 started with a message from Pastor (?) Edrei Canda about going back to school, knowing that there will be your peers who will tempt you from doing what is opposing to God’s Word. He mainly talked about Daniel who took a stand for what he believed is right. A freshman student from Ateneo de Manila University was called on stage to share his testimony to his co-students present in the conference. It was so cool to know that he’s a mere freshman student used by God mightily in his campus. I was reminded that we should learn how to stand on what we believe is right. Our beliefs should be in harmony with God’s Word. We really need to know when to say “NO”.

After that, we were asked to take a picture of our friends and leaders with a caption or hashtag, “Don’t Stand Alone”. We’re not alone in this battle of temptation. God has given us someone who will be there for us: to pray with us, and to help us in our walk with Him. Oh, I almost forgot that we were also asked to grab a partner to pray with us about our struggles for sin in the present.


Don't Stand Alone!

Don’t Stand Alone!

At last!! A lady speaker shared after all those~ Whenever I’d see a lady speaking on stage, I’d be so inspired to study God’s Word more to share Him to the people on stage too. I’d like to speak in front of people, but I’m too shy. Anyway, she shared the life of Esther. Until now, I could still apply what she said that we should not think that where we are now is only a coincidence. We should view our situation as an opportunity from God. If God placed you in a situation wherein you’re the only believer in your family, God has a reason. It’s an opportunity for you.

There was a break in between sessions 3 and 4 for a Half-time show. I never expected for Christian Bautista to be there! He’s my brother’s favorite, and I find him so handsome that’s why I squealed so loud when he was on stage. Their testimonies were so encouraging, and Rachelle’s testimony was the one that’s imprinted on my mind because of what she said that she wanted to become a professional and famous singer in the future when she was still a child. Dreams do come true. And also on what she said about performing and achieving accomplishments as a singer yet she felt empty. I realized that it’s really not about feeling empty when one already achieved one’s dream. Yes, there may be a feeling of emptiness, but it’s actually about your reason and motivation for doing what you were already doing. For her, it’s singing, but after achieving her dream of becoming a singer, what’s her reason for wanting it? After that, now what? Then she met God, and He became the reason for her everything. ❤ There were four local artists who performed during the Half-time show: Rachelle Ann Go, Quest, Yeng Constantino, and Christian Bautista.

Thank you for Ate Erica (Security) for volunteering to take a picture of him near the stage

Thank you for Ate Erica (Security) for volunteering to take a picture of him near the stage