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Embrace Your Dreams

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“Embrace your dreams.” are the very words Angeal said to Zack in the Action-RPG game, Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core.

I didn’t understand at first why God let me play a New Game for Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core when I actually played it thrice. I obeyed, then He pushed me to type this entry.

I should’ve posted this weeks ago (okay, not again). Out of my busy schedule, I made it, at last, to make a blog entry again! *dances and celebrates* Okay, sorry for overreacting.

To start with, I have been thinking about shifting to another program next year. I’ve been praying for it and asking God to lead me to the right direction. As I sought Him through prayer and reading the Word for weeks, He revealed to me lots and lots of things about it.. And especially about me.

While I’m riding an FX home from school, I was praying that time, “God, what should I do? Should I shift from Arts Management (current program) to Multi-Media Arts? I really wanted to draw, but I feel so discouraged with my drawings. When I see people who draw professionally, I get discouraged very easily. I don’t know if I have to pursue drawing. I don’t know if I should be an artist in the future.”. A lot of my girl friends told me the same thing, “Follow what your heart desires.”, “I want you to shift to MMA!”, “Shift before you regret finishing the course you didn’t really want.”. Those thoughts ran through my mind while listening to the song of Britt Nicole, “Set The World On Fire”. Then I saw a sentence written near the bumper of a jeepney, “If I Can Do It, You Can”. I believe that it was God was speaking to me already. I was in deep pondering that moment. I wanted to be used by God in an extraordinary way, so why not be an artist? I should not be discouraged by the people of this world anyway. And as what my dad told me, “Artists aren’t born. They’re made.”

My dream was to continue my dad’s dream as an artist. Should I hinder myself from doing it by being discouraged from them? I have a big God! I have to make my plans big. 😀 Nothing is impossible with Him, anyway.