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Something I Won’t Forget

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I guess lots of people that I know were wondering why I didn’t post anything for HYDE’s birthday yesterday. I wanted to post a birthday greeting for him online but I was too tired, I read instead. FYI, I didn’t forget his birthday, and that’s something I won’t forget. Someone who made an impact in my life. Someone who became a part of my life. Someone who has a special part in my heart. HYDE. Some may think, “Eew, he’s already 45 years old.” LOL. Yes, He’s already 45 years old. He inspired me a lot with the songs he wrote in L’Arc~en~Ciel and in VAMPS. He’s the vocalist for both bands. His voice never runs out of… beauty? I can’t describe it. His voice is so good. He’s one of these rock-band vocalists that has an overwhelming voice. I’ve been a fangirl since I’m 12 years old. Now, I’m 18 and still in love with this guy.

Hyde’s one of those people that I really NEED and WANT to meet in person. A friend-slash-blockmate of mine kept telling me that I deserve to meet my “biases”. HAHA. Oh well, if it’s God’s will, go on. But I’m really praying that I’ll meet them… especially HYDE.


Belated happy happy birthday to you! I really love you, but Megumi-san loves you more (and God loves you the most!). Hooray~ I’m so thankful to God that He gave you another year to inspire more people through your music. I hope that we’ll meet someday. And hey, please stop smoking (if possible). 😦 But I’m not imposing it to you.

Again, belated happy birthday to you!


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