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Ignite 2013 Day 3 (Part 1)

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At last, the last day of Ignite 2013. I have to admit, I didn’t go to my two classes this day to attend, but thank God I was really at Ignite 2013 for a purpose (hashtag: Know Your Priorities “again”). The classes I missed didn’t have any quizzes or anything. I could catch up with the lessons missed, anyway.

On Day 3, since we were all fired up from Days 1 to 2, it focused more about going out there, and win souls for Christ. We were all equipped and prepared to go out of Cuneta Astrodome and to go to our respective schools (High School, College, and Universities everywhere)! Every Nation, Every Campus!

Pastor Dan Monterde was the first one to speak for Day 3. He talked about Ananias who’s also a “follower” of Christ. Ananias is a mere follower, a disciple who was called by God through a vision to talk to Saul and to place his hands on Saul because God had a plan (Acts 9:10-12). Ananias was called, and he responded to God’s calling in his life, even though he has some complaints that Saul did lots of terrible things to God’s followers in Jerusalem (Acts 9:13). God told Ananias instead to “Go!” (Acts 9:15). It may be really too scary to approach a man like Saul who persecuted the LORD’s followers before! But instead, Ananias heed God’s calling (“Go!”). As His followers, let us be ready to be used by God.

As what we’ve seen, Ananias was afraid about the terrible things that Saul did to God’s followers in Jerusalem. He looked at Saul’s present condition. He didn’t focus on what God will do to Saul. Well, after his cry and complaints about what the other people said about Saul, God assured him in Acts 9:15-16. When we reach out to the people, let us not look into their present condition (this is what Pastor Dan preached). Instead, let’s look at what God can do to this person once we shared the Gospel to him/her.

Pastor Dan preached, “To make disciples, you have to be a disciple.” Of course! How can you make one, if you’re not one? It’s like “How can you give food to someone who’s hungry when you don’t have food with you?” or whatever that is. I hope you got the point. In Acts 9:11, God told Ananias to go to a certain place where Saul was. Pastor Dan also said, “To make disciples, you need to go where the people are.” Wherever God has placed you, be confident that you were placed there for a reason. Take it as an opportunity, as what Ms. Liane Silla said, “Every situation is an opportunity to be used by God.”

And for his last words for that session on stage, “The motivation to make disciples is to honor God. It’s not because someone else told you (to do it), but because we want to honor God.” (I copied this quote from True. Let this be our motivation: to Honor God.

“When you eat or drink or do anything else, always do it to honor God.”

-1 Corinthians 10:31 (CEV)