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His 46th Birthday

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Disclaimer: Picture not mine!

I feel sad because I do not have any more words to say for his birthday this time, so I guess this post will be short. Once again, it’s Hyde’s birthday last January 29, and it was neither a good nor bad day for me. I was trying to be happy, but I didn’t know why I couldn’t.

I have been a fan of Hyde and his band for almost eight years now… I don’t know why I posted in my Facebook that I have been a fan for only six years! Haha. I like Hyde for being an inspiring songwriter. His voice is also dreamy. Whenever I hear him sing, especially in their live concerts, I say to myself, “His voice is very wonderful. He smokes yet he is still gifted with such a voice.” I still really like him, and I hope that he’s doing well with his family – that’d be my birthday wish for him. Being a musician is very hard, especially if you have world tours and you’re busy with your band. You might not have time for your family. I also thought about that when I watched a live concert through YouTube, when they played “Sweet Dreams”. In the end of the song, he sang, “I’m sorry” with tears from his eyes (?). Those words were not found in the song, so it really made me thing about how he really was backstage because I believe that he is not the same onstage and backstage.

It seems that this post has a lot of sadness in it. It just made me think about him, and such things make me don’t want to be busy in the future when I’ll have my own family because I want to be with them all the time. But I don’t know his life story, so I hope he’s really doing well now: being happy with his family AND band mates.

Something I Won’t Forget

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I guess lots of people that I know were wondering why I didn’t post anything for HYDE’s birthday yesterday. I wanted to post a birthday greeting for him online but I was too tired, I read instead. FYI, I didn’t forget his birthday, and that’s something I won’t forget. Someone who made an impact in my life. Someone who became a part of my life. Someone who has a special part in my heart. HYDE. Some may think, “Eew, he’s already 45 years old.” LOL. Yes, He’s already 45 years old. He inspired me a lot with the songs he wrote in L’Arc~en~Ciel and in VAMPS. He’s the vocalist for both bands. His voice never runs out of… beauty? I can’t describe it. His voice is so good. He’s one of these rock-band vocalists that has an overwhelming voice. I’ve been a fangirl since I’m 12 years old. Now, I’m 18 and still in love with this guy.

Hyde’s one of those people that I really NEED and WANT to meet in person. A friend-slash-blockmate of mine kept telling me that I deserve to meet my “biases”. HAHA. Oh well, if it’s God’s will, go on. But I’m really praying that I’ll meet them… especially HYDE.


Belated happy happy birthday to you! I really love you, but Megumi-san loves you more (and God loves you the most!). Hooray~ I’m so thankful to God that He gave you another year to inspire more people through your music. I hope that we’ll meet someday. And hey, please stop smoking (if possible). 😦 But I’m not imposing it to you.

Again, belated happy birthday to you!


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For HYDE <3

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It was Hyde’s birthday yesterday, January 29, 2013! Aww~ He was 40 years old since he became my ultimate crush. Sorry, Hyde, I wasn’t able to celebrate your birthday yesterday. :))

How did he become my crush? I was at Cavite that time, at my relative’s house, playing with my cousin’s iTouch. I was amazed that I could actually surf the internet there (I was so innocent that I wasn’t known to Wi-Fi that time). Because of my amazement and curiosity, I opened Youtube and typed “Kawaii” at the search bar. The second result’s title was “HYDE is Kawaii”. I thought, “Hyde? Uhm.. HYDE? He’s the handsome guy that my brother introduced me! Hmm.. Is he really that handsome?”. I checked it out because I wanted to prove that my crush that time, SHUN OGURI, was more handsome than that HYDE whom my brother introduced to me (though he said that Hyde looks like gay).

When I paused the video to let it buffer, my heart throbbed. I was excited, I don’t know why. I touched the “PLAY” button of the video player at Youtube… Then.. While watching… I WAS ACTUALLY MESMERIZED WITH HIS PLAYFULNESS AND WACKINESS AND SMILE AND EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM~ ❤ :)) He was sooo handsome. I like guys who seem quiet, yet so loud and playful. I told myself, “Darn, Hyde, you are soo handsome.”

I became addicted to him… *coughs. I mean, I continued searching about his favorites, about his life and everything. I started to become a fan of his band, L’Arc~en~Ciel. It started last May 2008 (estimated date), if I’m not mistaken. I consider Hyde as my very first ultimate crush because I cried when I learned that he was married to someone (Oishi Megumi), and actually had a child. I didn’t know! :)) His looks were so deceiving. Haha~ But I am so proud of him because he pursued and was married to his CRUSH. ❤

Even if you may not see this message I have for you.. Happy happy birthday to you. Keep inspiring people through the songs you make with L’Arc~en~Ciel and VAMPS. Thank you because you have inspired me since I was 12 years old. Please stop smoking. It’s bad to your health. But it’s still up to you, anyway. You know what, I almost matched myself with your behavior and face expressions (duck face!!) on and off cam. :)) I also want to say that I really love your voice. You are one of the people who inspired me the most to sing. Thank you, Hyde! May God continuously bless you and your family, and may He also give you the strength you need to face each and every day. I soooo love you! Haha~ ❤ Belated Happy birthday!


Credits to the rightful owner of this picture.. I LOVE THIS GUY