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A Past Hobby

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A Past Hobby

For now, let me share with you a story about my pastime since I was in Grade 2: Sketching. I won’t totally discuss how I got into this pastime (I’ll try to, but in my mind, it will be a part of this post), but I’ll describe how I sketch, and probably what I draw, then explain why.

When I was a little child, I was inspired to be a writer of fictional stories about princesses and the invisible people of this world for I was opened to a lot of fairy tale stories with princesses in it; That is normal for a little girl like me in my time. Along with my stories came drawings to illustrate it. My mother told me that I write good stories, so I pursued my writing and drawing (my Dad is a freelance artist that’s why I was inspired to draw also). Next, I became a fan of animé, specifically of Naruto (not Shippuden), since I was in fifth grade. My drawings started to improve because my friends gave me gifts: a sketch pad, pencils, and watercolor pencils. I was inspired to draw more. Because I was a fan of animé, my drawings looked like these:



I cannot say that I was an otaku. Instead of digressing into the term otaku, I will go around the idea of my drawings as into the animé style. Animé was popularized by Japan. I like the way they played around with reality, especially with how they drew their characters. Animé is totally different with cartoons (specifically in America). I can say that Asians are really good in drawing (when I say Asian, I only refer to Koreans or Japanese because theirs are the only styles of drawing that I saw and knew). Far from being biased, I look at Japanese art in animé as fantastic. I cannot specify what made me dwell in the way they draw it, but I can only say that it really is amazing.

After my amazement with animé until my third year in High School, I suddenly became interested with drawing real people. Certain people-slash-friends of mine inspired me to draw people. I found a human’s eye to be dazzling. When I entered College, the people around me helped me to be a more observant person, making me more logical and critical in analyzing people – their behavior and the like. I concluded, upon observing people who are close to me and even those who aren’t, that the eyes of a person speak a lot about who they are – their thoughts, what they want to say, what they intend to do or to say, and how they feel at the moment. Whenever I draw this time, I emphasize the beauty of their eyes, or sometimes I draw eyes alone, randomly. Because I loved eyes, I started to become a total fan of ball-jointed dolls, particularly those from Korea. They look so realistic, and they usually become the subjects of my drawings. Their beauty made me insecure at first, but I started to appreciate my beauty as a creation of God sooner after that. The dolls’ eyes gave them life, really.

Images of the BJDs aren't mine.


A past hobby, indeed, that turned into still, a hobby. Didn’t I make any sense with that sentence? Today, I’m still trying to draw more people, but my laziness keeps me from doing it. For now, I’m writing essays and poems – that’s my hobby for now.