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If God Is…

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If God Is…

I don’t know what urged me to type this new post for my blog, but of course, like how a blog functions: it is to express your thoughts (if it’s a personal blog). 😉 All of the “if” sentences here are based on my opinion. Sorry for the picture inserted here. It’s too cute.

If God is not PATIENT, I think almost 90% of the population of the whole world disappeared today because most of us are like naughty children who kept on playing even though our parents already told us not to do so anymore. Isn’t it nice that we have a God Who remained so patient with us, no matter how complex our personalities are? Our personalities are already complex, PLUS there are over more than billions of people with hard-to-understand stubborn personalities. So it’s amazing to have a patient God.

If God is not SOVEREIGN OVER ALL, then the legends could be true: that different supreme beings are ruling the water, land, air, fire, and all the natural phenomenon occurring in this world. And if this GOD Who is sovereign over all, is the same GOD who controls the whole universe, who would not even trust this God who’s in control of everything that’s bigger and wider than a whole human race? But we’re still taken care of. He’s alive until today.

If God is not KIND and GENTLE, we’re bruised and maimed everyday. No exaggeration, GOD is so POWERFUL. Imagine the same God Who created the whole universe and galaxy, along with the world we live in and us, human beings, and His hands are going to spank you for being a bad follower or for being a bad creation (when in the first place, He was the One Who created us but we were consumed of our pride as human beings with free will, following our own ways, and refuses to be filled by His Spirit that He offered so freely for us).

My point here is that we are God’s wonderful creations. Yes, we are really wonderful, as wonderful as the beautiful and majestic bodies of water and celestial things outside our world. We were created by an AWESOME God Who got so many qualities we could never imagine nor fathom. Our Creator gave us EVERYTHING. Not almost everything, but EVERYTHING. He gave us His Son, He gave us the breath of life, He gave us His Son, He gave us the Way, the Truth and the Life, He gave us the Bible to read what He wants us to know about Him, He gave us free will, He gave us His unending love and grace, He gave us His Spirit. There’s still too many to mention, but these are a few of the things that He has given to us, and there are still yet to come.

Today, I want us to reflect on who God is in our lives. I want us to be grateful on Who He is, plus on the gifts He has given us. Stay grateful! 🙂