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Insights (Part 1)

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This picture is not mine

Let me warn you that this post may have SPOILERS. Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched the film yet, I highly encourage you to watch it first before reading this post. But if you insist, it’s okay with me. It’s your choice. Do I sound angry?

FROZEN! It’s such a great movie not because everybody else watched it. I really hated it when everyone watches a movie and says that it’s so epic, it’s so amazing, it’s so great, and then I’d start watching it too. It feels as if I’m a curious girl who also wants to watch what they watched. It’s just that when I watched the trailer and found lots of snow, I became interested to watch it. I really love winter because I’m a December Baby. So, for this post, let me focus on Elsa.

I was able to relate with Anna’s sister, Elsa, who knows how to cast an “eternal winter” in her should-be kingdom, Arandelle. She always says that it’s a “curse”, not realizing that it can also be a gift. Okay, that sounded like Yellowcard’s “Gifts and Curses”. The part when she built her own kingdom in an isolated place atop the North Mountain, struck my heart. Elsa’s solo was so emotional, it touched my heart. I related myself with her, honestly. Like me, I also built my own kingdom where I thought I can grow, where I think I can control and let go of the storm raging within me.

When people knew that she has powers, they thought she was a monster when the truth is she really isn’t. Anna said, “No, she’s still my sister.” At times, people really think that we’re monsters if we can’t control what’s within us, right? Like when we’re so angry and out of control, we tend to be so frustrated and it’s as if we also become a monster. But someone who knows us better, someone who loves us and understands us won’t say that we’re monsters. That someone will say to you, “No, you are not a monster. You are … *insert your name here*, and you’re not a monster. I know you. I understand you.”

In Elsa’s song, “Let It Go”, there’s a lyrics that said, “I don’t care what they’re going to say”. Sometimes, when we say this, we also have to be extra careful to the freedom we thought we have. I keep saying that to myself too. There’s nothing really wrong with this sentence… except when someone who really cares for you or concerned about you wants you to listen, yet you’re still stuck with your own world, saying “I don’t care what you’re going to say.” When we feel so free, we tend to forget others’ happiness. We tend to be self-centered, thinking that we can do this alone; thinking that we are so powerful and in control of our life. But the truth is, deep inside within us, there’s a storm raging in our hearts. We are so focused on ourselves and on our potentials we forget what’s right and wrong. I don’t know about you, but I’m like that. Yes, it is fun to discover what we can do, but too much of ourselves is too unhealthful for us.

Elsa became too fed up from her past: her parents wanting her to hide her power and her need to hide from her sister for the past not to happen again (to protect her sister from her… so sad). She doesn’t want to cover up anymore, so she started to be “herself”. Another thing, “being yourself” is too dangerous as an advice too. I tried it. I keep failing. I already don’t know who I really am. I don’t know but I became like this as I followed this advice. I found identity in myself ALONE. It’s hard. It keeps you empty when you don’t know where to look for your identity.

Another part of the movie where Elsa and Anna met in Elsa’s Ice Palace, Elsa told Anna that she can’t control the “curse”, and she can’t let go of the fear that she can’t control it. See? At first, she was singing that she CAN. Like she kept singing “Let It Go” but she ended up failing, being worse, and hurting her sister again. Elsa didn’t want to listen to Anna, making her (Elsa) so confused in what to do. She wanted to be free but she can’t. She’s trying to find the answers by being alone, but she really can’t. Anna was the only one who can help her but Elsa’s heart was too “frozen” and cold; she refused to ask for help. She refused to listen. It’s so like me. I tend to refuse to listen to the people who truly care for me, ending up hurting myself and feeling the guilt even more.

Okay, that’s it. This post had too much for Elsa. She’s so awesome and pretty, I want to be like her. Kidding aside! Those were my thoughts about her. Thanks for reading!