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Let Me Digress

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Today is such a.. Day. Yes.

I’ll make a random entry because I simply feel like typing and words are flowing out of my restless mind again. I had such a wonderful day today : a day full of revelations from God.

I actually missed writing a journal. My last journal, as what I can remember, was dated last month (August). I thought, “If I made a blog, I am sure I’ll focus more to this one than the other (journal) one.”.

I will not make this entry long. The revelations God has given me won’t be stated here, but for my next entries, I will reveal it to you, my dear readers. I simply want to tell you that you’ve got to be a blessing to other people by telling them (no matter who they are, whether a stranger or not) the truth. If you would like to appreciate a thing they did, then go. If you would like to tell them that they are beautiful, tell them. Why am I suddenly saying this to you? Because I already told you that this is a random post. Okay, kidding aside. I’m going to tell a story.

One day, there is a girl who lets her mind wander off from her brain. There suddenly popped out a cute little hamster out of her mind, and she couldn’t stop thinking about it. Then one day, she never thought that the hamster was real. It WAS really real. It exists. The girl enjoyed the hamster’s company and they became close friends. She never expected their friendship to be as close as it could get, but as the time went by, they were actually bound to be separated because she was allergic to such animals. She gave thanks to the hamster before they parted ways. Never did they see each other again.