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Ignite 2013 Day 2 (part 2)

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I almost forgot to include this statement from Ignite 2013 Day 2 Part 1: “Resolve rather than dissolve”. It’s better to stand in righteousness than to dissolve in a culture wherein everything already seems to be OKAY when it should not be. Let us be reminded that our most valued treasure (yes, I need to exaggerate this) is our relationship with God. Don’t let the temporary pleasures offered by the world lead you astray from God because without Him, we can do nothing.

Only one session left yet I separated my post for this last session for Day 2 because this session really struck me. I was moved by Pastor CJ Nunag’s preaching about purity and holiness through Samson’s life. What I remembered when I heard about Samson was “Love at First Sight” because during the Love Series before, he was the topic. This time, the preaching was about the same person, but a different perspective about him.

True, Samson was so special and gifted. It’s like he has everything (too exaggerated). Plus, he’s a Nazarite (Google Search!). I could remember the term the pastor told us, “gifted since birth”. But even though he’s gifted and it seemed like he has everything (plus the unbelievable strength), due to the wrong decisions he made (I may say that one would say that a decision is wrong when it’s against his belief of what is right), he was put into the wrong track. It’s a matter of DECISIONS. But gladly, before he died, he was able to do his purpose in life (I need to study his life through the Word to explain this sentence). It’s really weird when he went to the territory of the enemy (if I’m not mistaken), and found the “girl of her dreams” where he shouldn’t find one (Judges 14:3).

Pastor CJ stressed the words “for me”.  Samson said in Judges 14:3, “Get her for me. She’s the right one for me.” “Do not trade your birthright for what feels right.” is what Pastor CJ said (maybe not the exact words but hope you got the idea) about it. He focused on sexual sins. Since the youth today seems to be so open about sex as if virginity is not a big deal these days, and the youth engage into relationships after relationships, this preaching really is suitable for each and every one of us in the conference.

He said that the people he talked with about premarital sex gave him same reasons and comments, “It seems right. It feels right.” but the Word of God says do not engage into sexual immorality (1 Cor. 6:18, and a lot more verses). I was also reminded about the illustration of a speaker I heard before in a retreat. It was about how hunters trap wolves by using a bloodsicle. In that bloodsicle lies a dagger after they lick it. They will be so focused on the blood they were licking without noticing that their tongues are already wounded because of the dagger, and it will slowly kill them. Like sexual sin, it may be pleasurable and enticing, but in the end, it will leave us helpless, broken, and dirty. Sin is always like that.

We should not trade our relationship with God with the temporary pleasures the world has to offer. That’s what I learned. I am grateful that God’s grace is sufficient for us (and even more than enough for us). I am grateful that God is so generous and merciful that whatever we did in the past, how stupid we may be for doing such things, He still loved us from the beginning, and continues to do so until now.

Credits to Ignite. I don't own this picture.

Credits to Ignite. I don’t own this picture.

I don't own this picture.

I don’t own this picture.

Good thing I’m continuing to learn how to value God as my supreme treasure. 🙂 Learning is a process, indeed. Undergoing that process, there may be pain and trials, but be reminded that He’s there with us… All the time.



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